Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 11: Letter from a Zombie, Or How I Came To Stop Eating Brains

This is the eighth in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing from 2nd December 2012 until the 1st December 2013. It’s intent is to keep me writing throughout the year, and not just in November. you can find out more about the challenge here.

Letter from a Zombie, Or How I Came To Stop Eating Brains, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 12th December 2012

Word count: 932

Theme: zombie apocalypse, apocalypse, redemption, monster, zombie, saviour

The story:

Across the world the dead rose, and humanity trembled.

The dead were a plague upon the cities, upon the people. The dead needed something the living had, life.How did the dead get it? The brain. The dead needed brains.All the flesh was tasty, but the brain, that kept the undead alive.

The undead had no minds of their own, they were undead after all. The brain brings thoughts, feelings, even memories are occasionally rekindled. Yes, if you’re wondering, it even brings remorse. I know this all too well, I was one of them, I guess I still am.

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