10 Movies That Make Writing Look Incredibly Dangerous – Flavorwire

There are lots of films about writers, probably something to do with deadlines and writers block – you need to do what you know sometimes. Of course I don’t believe in the adage “Write what you know”, because I’ve never travelled in spaceship, or murdered anyone, (though judging from the films in the link, I just might not remember). I just prefer to write what I can imagine, and research the rest. Anyway that’s lucky – because otherwise I would be terrified of becoming a writer, if these represent what the screenwriters knew… http://www.flavorwire.com/367051/10-movies-that-make-writing-look-incredibly-dangerous/

Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 31: Wolf Boy’s Vengeance

This is the 31st in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

Wolf Boy’s Vengeance, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 1st January 2012

Word count: 542

Theme: horror, supernatural, werewolf, get rich quick

The story:

“Transform damn it,” cursed a young boy tied up, he was about ten, skinny, malnourished .

“Aww, look the puppy is struggling,” laughed a young man, in his twenties, dressed in brown leathers and carrying a cross bow.

“Sheet,” another man said, dressed all in black, with black face paint on, “He don’t kna werewolves don change till full moon.”

“Keep an eye out,” the young man that had been laughing snapped. “These fuckers are always in a pack.”

The young boy was still struggling against his bonds.

The man dressed in black slipped into the shadows of the trees, the last sight of him was a glint from the large knife he’d pulled.

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