NaNoWriMo Playlist 2014

At least once a year I write a playlist to write to during NaNoWroMo, and there’s a whole logic around my choices which amounts to a few key rules:

  • Music that matches my story, (Starfuckers, Inc just doesn’t put you in the right place for a tender love scene)
  • Has reasonable pacing, (I will write in time to the music, that can have interesting effects on my writing),
  • Is not distracting, (if you have to stop and pay attention to the music in the background that’s bad, it’s a loss of momentum)

Now this year I had this whole plan around have three playlists, so I could better match the music that I’m listening to to the parts of the story I’m writing. One of the playlists would be entirely general music, the other softer more sad or romance inclined, and the last one would be frenetic and angry and gory to inspire a bit of carnage in my writing.

It’s a really good plan, however, I’ve also chosen to change my cloud music provider. Previously I’d been using Amazon music, (£22 a year), and have had no real regrets, especially since their desktop player really took off – but there’s no streaming to ChromeCast, and while the tracks themselves can be picked up by other apps, the playlists can’t.

So I’ve settled on Google Play Music, which confused the hell out of me because I thought it was £10 a month, (£120 a year!), but that’s just if you want a more Spotify like service. I don’t, I have lots of music, of which I add to occasionally, Google will let me upload up to 25,000 tracks gratis. And I can do all the fun stuff like stream through ChromeCast, and stuff.

I did consider going back to Spotify, but I prefer the limited ownership that mp3 has, compared with no ownership offered by streaming only services.

Unfortunately, as Amazon Music playlists aren’t sharable, I’ve had to spend time recreating my major playlists, and rather than spending ages recreating three more, I’ve just done one playlist for NaNoWriMo 2014. I’ll have to wait until my next project to play around with the multiple playlists idea, and single playlists have always worked well enough in the past.

Beneath the cut is this year’s playlist, it’s not in any particular order as I’ll keep skipping the music as I write.

NaNoWriMo 2014 Playlist

1 Hallelujah Rufus Wainwright
2 Carmen Lana Del Rey
3 Ride [Explicit] Lana Del Rey
4 Video Games Lana Del Rey
5 The Outsider Marina And The Diamonds
6 Save Me Muse
7 Push It Garbage
8 Paradise Circus Massive Attack
9 Love Somebody Robbie Williams
10 I Am Not A Robot Marina And The Diamonds
11 Blue Jeans Lana Del Rey
12 Us Regina Spektor
13 Bel Air Lana Del Rey
14 Carmina Burana Apocalyptica
15 Katie Cruel Karen Dalton
16 1812 Overture Op.49 – Finale Tchaikovsky
17 Air On a G-String The Fucking Champs
18 The 2nd Law – Isolated System Muse
19 40 Days Meat Loaf
20 Animals Muse
21 The Apparition Iron Maiden
22 Beethoven’s 5th Symphony Trans-Siberian Orchestra
23 Big Freeze Muse
24 Blue Sky / Mad Mad World Meat Loaf
25 Body Electric Lana Del Rey
26 A Wish For Something More Amy MacDonald
27 Afraid To Shoot Strangers Iron Maiden
28 Agitated Muse
29 Ain’t We Famous (From ‘Automatic for the People’) Bear McCreary
30 All Of Me Meat Loaf
31 An Ordinary Life Amy MacDonald
32 Apocalypse Please Muse
33 Butterflies and Hurricanes Muse
34 Carmen Lana Del Rey
35 Carry On My Wayward Son Kansas
36 Cola [Explicit] Lana Del Rey
37 Dark Shines Muse
38 Fear Of The Dark Iron Maiden
39 Dark Paradise Lana Del Rey
40 Down In The Park Foo Fighters
41 Easily Muse
42 Eternally Missed Muse
43 What Is Eternal Trans-Siberian Orchestra
44 Exo-Politics Muse
45 Futurism Muse
46 I Belong To You [+Mon Coeur S’Ouvre A Ta Voix] Muse
47 In Your World Muse
48 Invincible Muse
49 Land Of Hope And Glory Madness
50 Land of Hope and Glory Barry Wordsworth, BBC Concert Orchestra & The Royal Choral Society
51 Lucky Ones Lana Del Rey
52 Megalomania Muse
53 Moskau Rammstein
54 National Anthem Lana Del Rey
55 Neutron Star Collision Muse
56 New Born Muse
57 Panic Station Muse
58 Pruit Igoe & Prophecies Philip Glass Ensemble
59 Samson and Delilah (From ‘Samson and Delilah’) Bear McCreary
60 Starlight Muse
61 Supremacy Muse
62 Survival Muse
63 Fuseijitsu Na Michi No Ue De No Survival Hellsing
64 Too Much Kylie Minogue
65 United States Of Eurasia [+Collateral Damage] Muse
66 Uprising Muse
67 Rainbow Demon Uriah Heep
68 Wizards In Winter Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Any suggestions are always welcomed

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