Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 134: Interplanetary Politic

This is the 134th in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

Interplanetary Politic, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 13th April 2013

Word count: 460

The story:

“What makes you want to be president?” the journalist asked, then tipped her microphone forward.

The senator took a calming breath, “I want to make a difference. This world we live, well the universe really, faces unique and immense challenges, and as head of the World Government, I believe I can help us through it.”

“There’s some controversy over the office of World President, many member nations have expressed a wish to leave, or even disband the World Government. President Hutton founded, and headed the government for four terms, without him, will it stand?” the the journalist asked.

“I wouldn’t say it was under significant risk,” the senator said, “People are worried, the future is uncertain, it’s understandable. However, humanity has the greatest opportunity to shape it’s own destiny since since someone shared the secret of fire with their neighbours. The first rounds of the presidential elections will be in a few months, everyone will vote at least to see where it will go, before anyone chooses to leave.”

“Thank you Senator Wetherby,” the journalist said turning back to face the hovering camera. The senator walked on, where his press consultant and Chief of Staff awaited him.

“You did well,” John Grand, the press consultant said, “Strong and statesman like, and wise enough not to force the government on countries that don’t want it.”

“No one will be leaving the World Government,” the senator said, “Damn Hutton, he practically forced this on the world, and then tells people they should have a choice.”

“Well its about to get worse,” Cal Brignall said, the senators Chief of Staff said, “I just got word that several colonies are going to issue a joint statement tomorrow denouncing the government, and announcing their independence.”

“Well that wasn’t predictable at all,” the senator said as they took their seats in the private box at the theatre.

“Can we stop them?” John asked.

“No, anything we can do to head this off needed to be done four or five years ago,” the senator said, “Only thing we could do is saddle up and go riding in with the army and navy. Not a course I’d think would go down well there or at home.”

“Then we extend them an olive branch, as long as they’re part of the union, they can vote,” Cal said.

“Couldn’t have put it better myself,” Senator Wetherby said, “And the more we act like we’re in control, that we’re already won, the more people will vote for us.”

“Seeing is believing,” John noted.

“Set me up a telecast with Global, make sure it’s at a time as many colonies will see live as possible,” the senator instructed his media consultant. “We’re going to win us an election before its even called.”

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