Only Days to Go to NaNoWriMo…

We’re into the last few days before NaNoWriMo starts (on 1st November), I’ll be setting up my blog to handle track my progress. Of course being a geek I’ve got a spreadsheet up, that provides me with a weatlh of statistics based on putting in the current word count, and the amount of hours I’ve been writing each day. Plus graphs. It’s not quite finished yet, was working on it late, and some of the formulae were getting a bit complex, (that happens a lot when I’m tired, bt easily cleaned up on a fresh day).

I’ve signed up a second account on NaNoWriMo, I’m aiming for 100,000 words this time round. I’ve know the provisional plots, and a few characters already. Hardest part is focusing my thoughts onto one story at a time.

My plan is to do 50,000 words a fortnight. Thus working the two stories seperately.

The first is a private detective story, featuring a character that has a lot of issues, but is actually reasonably young (mid-20’s). It works in my head, ihe’s a rich man’s son, and running a failing business he has no real experience in is his form of rebelling against his father. I’ve had this idea since earlier in the year, originally it was going to be my ScriptFrenzy attempt, however I never got started, it’s a good enough idea to warrant pushing through though.

The second of my stories will be a post apocalyptic fight for survival, which is actually a tale of chaos versus morality – when my protagonist and antagonist are at logger heads in humanity’s last survivor colony (as far as they know, though aside from drifters, and roving bands of people no people from outside of their area will feature). I’m not going to spoil the nature of the apocalypse, or who the characters are, and how it plays out – but I find this one really exciting., thought not entirely original of me. I’m actually reading On The Beach at the moment by Nevil Shute, it’s an absolutely fantastic book (not finished yet), and it definately inspired this idea (that and several conversations of late on similar ground).

I’m really looking forward to NaNoWriMo now, the fear of writers block has gone, and I’m sure I can plow straight in, and start banging out those pages (285.5 of them).

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