Update on Blog (Adminstrative Notes)

You can feel free to ignore this post, it’s more for me than anyone else.

I am definately feeling more committed to this blog than any other. That said, I have done a lot of little bits and bobs technically to get the site where I want it, which has distracted from actual writing things to go in said blog.

Well that changes now, I’m reasonably confident technically I won’t be making anymore changes.

I’ve now set the theme, and it won’t be changing for a while (well a few months, I’d like to have some kind of rotation system through the seasons – however with the intent of getting some content bedded in, this won’t start until Autumn).

I’ve also added an image gallery system, the native images system just had one folder – galleries let me break things down. When more photos are uploaded, I’ll add albums – so “Days out”, “Holidays”, “Admin”, “Friends”, that kind of thing. I think I also need to set myself a three month rotation of clearing up images, making sure they’re tagged, commented, and that sort of thing. I am however using the galleries here to replace my LiveJournal Scrapbook, just because I have more control here, and unlike Facebook, no one can remove the rights to my own photo’s from here.

My posts now automatically get ported over to my LiveJournal (unless I don’t want them to), this will hopefully keep it in my friends mind, and if they know people that would be interested in this blog, they can point them at it. Plus, what I post here was what I aimed to post there anyway – so it all works out.

I’ve added a Twitter sidebar widget – this hopefully keeps things a bit personal, because I don’t want to come across as just a blogger, this also doubles as my personal site in relation to the subject of creativity. Balancing the two is what’s important really.

Added a few links, but I really want to go through my vast bookmarks and pull all the relevant ones into a page on here, to share.

Added my Social Networking sites to the list – most of which I’m happy to add visitors to my blog to.

Added a plug-in that allows my site to have a different theme, and set of functions on a mobile phone. Makes for smaller, quicker (and therefore cheaper) page loads. I doubt there will be many people logging on to the site from their mobiles, however I do, I can write draft of posts using my phone, which is great for mobile blogging. This means I can use some of the time I spend travelling by bus each day to get some content written. It would only ever be draft, but they are things to build on. I’ve already started doing this, and it works.

There are more things I’d like to develop, but content is top priority, then acquiring regular readers (I can dream), and at some point in the future I’d like to do more work to encourage people to write (which was always aim of the now sadly retired aspiring.org (and writers-ramblings.com before that) forums. Maybe do a competition every now and again.

Anyway, that’s enough about what I’ve done, and what I’d like to do with the blog.

I’ll say this though, I’m very much impressed with WordPress, it’s a dream to write in, a dream to set up, and a dream to add extra functionality and design to. I think I’ll be using this for the other blog I’m intending.

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