My Poetry Writing Process

The fabled writing process, everyone has one, or one they prefer at least.

My own process keeps me sane, keeps me trying, and ultimately makes my work better. That’s what I’m going to explore in this entry.

I’ve found, that in the past spending a few moments considering what my process is has made for better poetry. It prevents me trying to force myself to fit molds that aren’t mine, which so far when I’ve tried has led me down paths of frustration. Having the desire to write a poem, and then destroying the will to write is a terrible thing.

Preface: Before I start exploring, it isn’t fair to say I have one writing process, I have several – the aim of this post is explore my writing process for poetry, I will do another blog entry in regards to writing literature.

So what is my poetry writing process?

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Congratulations to the new UK Poet Laureate – Carol Ann Duffy

I think it’s fitting for my second post on here, to post about latest appointment of the UK’s Poet Laureate.

On Friday it was announced that Carol Ann Duffy was confirmed as Poet Laureate.  I find this really exciting, Carol Ann Duffy is an amazing poet, I’ve been reading her poems for years,  I studied her for my GCSE’s, over a decade ago. I don’t find it exciting for any of the first’s that are banded about (first Poet Laureate appointee of the 21st century, first woman, first open lesbian, or first Scot).

I honestly do love her poetry, my favourite being the exquisite Valentine.  I think if I could find an ideal of love, then I’d be able to demonstrate my love in an unconventional form – I haven’t yet, and that does make me sad, but hopeful.

She is very deserving of the title, and job Poet Laureate – I’m hoping she has the opportunity to produce more in her role, than Andrew Motion was able to do. I’m kind of romantic about the notion of Poet Laureate. It’s a wonderful role to aspire too. To me, it’s the pinnacle, above all awards, and rewards, it’s recognition of being the best.

With the change to the post being for ten years, it may feel slightly less special, I don’t know, but I’d still hold it up there as being at the top of the game. Ten years is a long time, so there’s plenty of scope for poets present and future to also aspire.

So congratulations to Carol Ann Duffy, I’m looking forward to her first poems as Poet Laureate, and her next poetry to come out.

My Poetry Archive

Here we have my poetry archive, here I will undertake to type up and post as many of my historic poems as I possibly can. There are of course many that won’t make it, some were sadly not kept together, others given away as gifts, others that are unreadable (I have shocking handwriting, made worse by writing on buses and trains), and others no matter how low I set the bar, I just couldn’t bear to post.

The bar is low though, these are poems from across the past twelve or so years, and though I don’t consider myself a great or talented poet, I’d like to think my use of rhyme, structure, and English has improved over those years. Certainly looking back at some of my poems, I feel I definitely have improved. Who knows where I’ll be in another twelve years time, here’s hoping to way out there.

In the meantime feel free to peruse this category, sadly I don’t have dates, even just years, for some of these poems. I’ve kept most of them together, but my version of filing is fairly chaotic. For instance, the picture below is about two thirds of my collection laid out:

[singlepic id=62 w=320 h=240 float=]

I shall do my best to catalogue these writings accurately, and with as little prejudice as possible (what’s a little embarrassment between friends?), and hopefully it will all work out. Suffice to say, this blog will be the premier place for the complete collection of the works of one Jonathan L. Lawrence, should anyone ever need one.

It will take some time to achieve, in the meantime, here are some already typed up, saved from the now closing GeoCities site I’ve had for many a year.