My Top 15 Books of Fiction

In the past I’ve done lists of my favourite characters, and I’ll do so in the future as there are many types of categoriesof characters, and I find lists useful for finding examples of a character type at short notice. However today I wanted to tackle a biggie, my overall favourite stories in books. Now this necessitates a bigger list, I have read hundreds, if not thousands, of books in my life time.

My literary interests are quite spread, but there will be a slight propensity towards science fiction and fantasy as they’re mainstays in my library.

Old, new it matters little, ultimately it’s how much I enjoyed it, how much it made me think and feel, great writing, and lastly just because I want it there. It’s a very personal list at the end of the day, I’m not an expert critic.

A couple of warnings – some of these go on quite a bit, and may have spoilers (I really need to learn to do reviews…), and it started off as my top five, but that proved impossible, as did the top ten… now we’re at top fifteen and there’s so much more I’m leaving out. Which isn’t a bad thing, it just means I’ll have to explore some of my favourite books outside of this list in genre specific lists.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin

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Block Breaker #1

Block breakers are short stories, random ditties for which the only real purpose is to write something, anything when Writer’s Block strikes. Quality, verbosity, fidelity, consistency – not of these words apply. Just write or die.
It fell to second engineer William Hardaway,  the future of all. Never in the history of man had so much rested on one person.

“Will you do it?” Susan Ashcroft asked, she was a young lean shrewd looking woman who’s intent gaze locked onto William.

The elder man cleared his throat, and stroked the unkempt site beard that wrapped round his face. “You ask too much,” he finally said, his voice raspy and breathless betraying some excitement at the offer he was being made.

“I ask nothing, I’m just the messenger,” Susan said with mild annoyance, “You are in control for now.”

“You’re asking me to die,” William stated.

“A noble death, all of creation depends on your choice, you have control,” Susan said.

“A noble death,” William mused stroking his unkempt beard again, “Yes. I can do that.”

“Then press the button,” Susan said, “Save us all.”

Deep within the bowels of the derelict spaceship orbiting Sol, a beaten and bloody William dragged himself to the engine console.

“You can do it,” Susan encouraged him, her image flickering in the air.

“For Earth, for Humanity,” William said and then screaming against the pain he reached out with both arms and pulled the levers that would finish the core overload. Alarms rattled off.

“You need to point the engines at the Sol, quickly there isn’t much time,” Susan said urgently.

William pulled himself up further, fighting the pain, the fatigue and the darkness encroaching on his vision, he pushed further along the console and pushed a button labelled ‘port thrusters’, the ship rocked and heaved.

“Thank you,” Susan said looking down. It was the last thing William heard before he passed out.


Just a thousands miles above Sol, the space ship rotated round, and then it’s engines exploded sending a wave of energy powered by an explosion made up of exotic particles. The wave hit the Sol, the Earth’s sun. As the explosion hit the plasma it became super heated.

One hundred and fifty million miles away, eight minutes at light speed, the people of the Earth celebrated as the dimness felt across the world faded and light started to stream again. It had been three months since the sun had begun to cool, and the apocalypse was nigh, but William Hardaway had saved them all.

Mea Culpa

So I’ve been quiet for a while… my bad – I’d like to say I’ve been busy, and to some degree that would be true, but I’ve also managed to squeeze in a lot of binge watching on Netflix and the like. So, mea culpa.

So, what have I been up to? Great news I successfully finished NaNoWriMo 2017. First time in years I’ve made it through the 50k, and not only that but I completed the story.

I’ve begun work plotting out my next project, switching from sci-fi back to fantasy. Will talk about it more later, at the moment it’s all rough planning.

That’s the writing stuff I’ve done and am doing, I’m also going to go back to writing short stories, need to keep writing, it’s very easy to fall off of the bandwagon.

Aside from that, I’m going to aim for a minimum of two blog posts a month, because I do enjoy blogging – I just fail at getting round to it. I’m going to change that.

No promises, because promises in the past don’t pan out the way I’d like them to –  but I’ll make more of an effort.