Daily Flash Fictopn Challenge 121: The Repayment

This is the 121st in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

The Repayment, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 31st March 2013

Word count: 1,000

The story:

“This is what a gold bar looks like,” young Joshua Heseltine said admiring the shiney yellow brick in his hands.

“Yes, it’s extremely valuable, so do not drop it, or lose it,” his father Joshua Heseltine senior said.

“I won’t father,” the young man, barely fifteen years old said placing the brick in his bag.

“Okay, take this letter, and the gold to this address. Don’t be put off by anyone in your way, tell them you’re there on my behalf. You must be very clear, and forceful on that, do you understand?” Joshua senior said.

“Yes father,” the young Joshua said accepting the letter solemnly.

“Good, go to it,” the senior said, “And son,” he said added as the boy headed for the door, “You’re a good boy. I love you dearly.”

“Love you too father,” the boy said, and then cheerily went on his way.

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