Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 120: The Sword of Destiny


This is the 120th in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

Sword of Destiny, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 30th March 2013

Word count: 834

The story:

“This is it,” the old man said handing over the long package wrapped in oiled cloth.

The younger man looked at it reverently. He had spent years searching, a trail of bodies laid in his wake, lives ruined. It was worth it, now he, above all others, had found it.

“Take it,” the old man urged, not understanding the man’s pause with the prize so close.

“Why?” the man suddenly asked.

“You’re on a quest. The whole world awaits the man who takes this sword,” the old man said.

“I don’t need it,” the man said suddenly making up his mind. “It’s not worth it,” he said with finality.

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