Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 112: Battle Moon

This is the 112th in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

Battle Moon, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 23rd March 2013

Word count: 755

The story:

“Start!” screamed the voice over the radio, “God Dammit!”

“Unit three, get out of there,” the commander in the control room ordered into the radio.

“No can do,” Unit three responded, “Argh!” the scream was sudden and cut off quickly.

“What happened?” the commander said turning to one of the techs.

“No idea, transmission lost. We’ve got a bird over the sea, I can redirect.”

“Do it,” the commander instructed.

“What’s happening?” the General asked as he entered the control room, recognising the unease he saw in his men.
“The enemy is on the move,” the commander said, “It looks like they’ve just taken out one of our scouts at Ddedddsddddd.”

“Not good,” the General mused, “Move to high alert, if they’re moving there’s only one place I can think they’d move towards.”

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