Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 111: The Silliest Things

This is the 111th in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

The Silliest Things, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 22nd March 2013

Word count: 505

The story:

“I’m going to win, I have to win.” I repeated these six words as a mantra.

I’d been stupid I knew, I’d agreed to the challenges to impress a girl, but what a girl she was. Her flame red hair outshone the sun on the brightest day, and her glorious smile outshone her hair.

If you were going to do something stupid to impress a girl, she was the girl.

The beautiful lilt of her voice as she cheered me on at the start, calling my name, blended with my mantra.

Time was against me, the other boy was getting ahead. The tree was a grand old oak, tall and proud, and Matthew, my competition for a certain fiery redhead was considered justifiably one of the best tree climbers at our school.

As we climbed on, he was already a meter ahead and now he had branches to clamber through.

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