Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 95: Sol’s Children

This is the 95th in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

Sol’s Children, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 6th March 2013

Word count: 992

The story:

“Its true then?” the Emperor asked.

“I’m afraid so sire,” the lead solar scientist, Royston Miller, said bowing low. “Its the sun’s natural evolution, no one I’ve spoken to knows any way to affect something like this. In five to six years the sun will rapidly expand, and all signs indicate the Earth will be swallowed with a couple of decades at the most.”

“And that’s certain?” the Supre Marsborn, the Emperor’s Scientific Adviser asked.

“No, it may not expand as much as we fear, but even the minimum expected expansions would increase the temperature’s on earth, most of the outer layer of rock would become molton, rivers and oceans would dry up,” Royston said hesitantingly.

‘How many people could we evacuate to the colonies, Admiral?” the Emperor asked.

A gruff old man cleared his throat buying himself time to consider carefully, “Not as many as I’d like Sire. In four years we might make it to a billion, maybe a few more if we kept up ship building. But in reality it would be at most a few millions, the outer colonies couldn’t cope with more. There’s also the problem of the several separatist movements, this could push them over the edge which would make things harder.”

The Emperor nodded his thanks to the Admiral for his comprehensive, albeit depressing, report. “Okay, ladies and gentlemen, gather the best, the smartest. We need a plan to save Earth, or everyone on it. We can not let the future of humanity die with a dying star. We must survive.”

Supre Marsborn bowed, “I will see to it your highness.”

The room was cleared, leaving his divine Emperor July Windsor to slump back into his ancient throne.

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