Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 92: The Head Hunter Letter

This is the 92nd in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

The Head Hunter Letter, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 3rd March 2013

Word count: 705

Info: Woohoo this story gets me past the quarter mark. Going to do a top 5% when I hit the big one double zero.

The story:

To my successor,

I am a corporate head hunter, photographs of my many success stories line the walls of my office.

No, I don’t work in recruitment, directly anyway – though thanks to my efforts plenty of people have gotten promotions and new jobs. The focus of my job is quite literally hunting people and bringing them low, destroying them. I mostly do work in the private sector, it’s less morally ambiguous.

If you’ve got a problem boss, maybe he’s an arsehole, maybe he refuses to retire, or maybe it’s a colleague or a competitor compromising everything your trying to build, (usually a bank balance, if I’m being honest), and you don’t care how it happens, I can fix it. Scandals, controversies, on personal and professional levels are my specialties. I sniff them out and expose them, and if there’s nothing, I’ll create one. And I do all this at fairly competitive rates, and with the utmost discretion. Except for the pictures on my wall, but they’re only ones that I feel wouldn’t undo my good work, I might be an egotist, but I’m not mad.

How did I get into this business? Well it started a few years ago, I was a corporate schmuck. For nearly ten years I towed the company line, did everything that was asked of me, yet I had risen as far as I was going to get. There were too many settled people higher up the ladder, those that weren’t were either job swapping in to new areas, or were consultants that effectively filled temporary holes I couldn’t seem to fit into.

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