Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 81: The Fairy Godmother

his is the 81st in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

The Fairy Godmother, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 20th February 2013

Word count: 669

The story:

“You can’t do this,” Lucy complained.

“I can and have, now get your things and go,” her manager Craig Roberts said indignantly, looking at her as if she were nothing more than a strain.

Lucy was determined not to cry, though it hurt. After eight months working here at Tyre Corp, to be fired so unjustly was almost soul destroying. She didn’t bother asking, begging or pleading, it wouldn’t help.

In a numb daze she gathered her things with all eyes on her she did the walk of shame when security approached. She sat numb on the bus ride into town, but even aware when someone took a seat beside her.

“Penny for your thoughts,” a smallish but deep voice said, breaking her depressing reverie.

“Sorry?” she asked.

“You seemed so troubled and far away,” the old woman that had lowered herself into the seat beside her said.

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