Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 63: Evolved

This is the 63rd a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

Evolved, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 2nd February 2013

Word count: 1000

The story:

“His strength,” the soldier struggled for words, “Well it was amazing. He was strong before, but out there… I can’t even describe it.”

“It’s okay soldier, that’s what combat footage is for,”  the doctor said as he dressed the soldier’s wound.

“Thanks Doc,” the soldier said flexing his arm with a wince, “These silver bullets are a real bitch.”

“Get on with you, I’m not interested in a soldier’s complaints,” Doc said gesturing to the door. The soldier left, passing a General who came into the room.

“So, you hear the reports? Your little science experiment has yielded a fine fruit,” the pale skinned General said.

“So I keep hearing, I’m looking forward to getting him back in here,” the Doctor said packing away his things.

“I’m afraid that’s where there’s a problem Luke,” the General said, “Just got the call from command, they want him over there, to see their doctors and scientists.”

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