Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 35: Eyes of the Galaxy

This is the 35th in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing. You can find out more about the challenge here.

Eyes of the Galaxy, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 5th January 2012

Word count: 964

Theme: fountain of youth, desperation, ageing, life

The story:

“So, the last ingredient is…” the man in the white coat said looking for a piece of paper.

“Ground diamond,” an old man said, reading the piece of paper.

“Oh there you are sir,” the white coat said, “I’m just putting the finishing touches to it, and then it can go in the machine.”

“Well since you’re on the last ingredient I guessed it’d be something like that, how long will it take though?”

“About an hour in the machine, and then an hour setting time.”

“Good, I have invested several fortunes in this for it go wrong, get it right, and get it right fast,” the old man said. The old man was in his nineties, Carl Anders, a renowned billionaire industrialist who had made a fortune during Earth’s early colonisation of Mars by buying up worthless pockets of land, and then spending money finding resources, or uses for the land. He was dying though, too long in space, too much time in early space transports that didn’t have adequate radiation protection.

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