Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 16: Stitched Up

This is the 16th in a series of 365 Flash Fiction stories I’m writing from 2nd December 2012 until the 1st December 2013. It’s intent is to keep me writing throughout the year, and not just in November. you can find out more about the challenge here.

Stitched Up, by Jonathan L. Lawrence, 17th December 2012

Word count: 977

Theme: crime, revenge, suspense

The story:

Twenty years, that’s how long it’s been, twenty long years in prison.

Now I’m out, and staying out is proving far harder than I expected. I used to be the man with the plan, and I was worth my weight in gold. Then the people that hire me, they turned on me, set me up for the big fall.

First degree murder.

I’m in admiration of the plan, really, they had me break into the scene of the crime, while the real murderer used my escape route to get out, leaving me shafted, covered in the dead man’s blood holding the weapon, after I foolishly tried to save him.

I protested my innocence of course, for a while. Then I agreed to plead guilty in exchange for leniency. The judge threw that out because I wasn’t confessing to enough murders, there were several other murders with the same MO. Lovely.

Now I’m out and most of the faces I see are young ones, except for the three following me down across Oxford Circus. I might be rusty, but these were amateurs, I recognised one though which was enough to tell me this wasn’t the cops.

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